Horn Lens Antennas

8.4 to 260 Ghz Available

Description: Mi-Wave’s 258 Series horn lens antenna consists of a circular scalar feed horn illuminating a piano-convex lens . Housed in either aluminum or plastic, these horn lens antennas provide a high efficiency beam with equal E and H plane amplitude patterns. We know you need and demand the absolute best when it comes to horn antennas and we look to provide you with the best solutions possible. Some of the highlights of our lens horn antennas are:


• Low Cost

• High Directivity and Gain

• Simple Mechanical Performance

• Wide Range of Available Beamwidths and Reflector Size


• Radar & Telemetry Systems

• Radio Astronomy

• Surveillance Equipment

• Communication Systems

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Horn Lens Antenna Manufacturer

We manufacture a variety of Horn Lens Corrected Antennas. Inquire with our sales engineering staff to address any questions you may have. As a top global supplier of microwave and millimeter wave products, we can meet many different needs.

  • Sectoral Horns
  • Pyramidal Horns
  • Conical Horns