Broadband H-Plane Directional Couplers

Each of Mi-Wave’s 559 Series Broadband Directional Couplers are broadwall multi-hole energy coupling devices. The 559 Series couplers are designed in 7 couplings of 3, 6, 10, 20, 30, 40, and 50 dB are offered to complement specific test set requirements. Other custom configurations are available upon request

The 559 Series Directional Couplers provide an efficient and convenient means for sampling a finite quantity of power flowing in a transmission line or for
injecting a desired signal into the line.

Note: Our website contains just a few types of  Couplers we build. Consult with us for your specific needs.

ModelFrequencyInsertion Loss (dB)Coupling (dB)Directivity (dB)VSWRPorts
567K-3/59518-26.513401.12WR-42 Waveguide, UG-595/U Flange
567K-6/59518-26.616401.12WR-42 Waveguide, UG-595/U Flange
567K-10/59518-26.7110401.12WR-42 Waveguide, UG-595/U Flange
567K-20/59518-26.8120401.12WR-42 Waveguide, UG-595/U Flange
567K-30/59518-26.9130401.12WR-42 Waveguide, UG-595/U Flange
567K-40/59518-26.10140401.12WR-42 Waveguide, UG-595/U Flange
567A-3/59926.5-4013401.12WR-28 Waveguide, UG-599/U Flange
567A-6/59926.5-4016401.12WR-28 Waveguide, UG-599/U Flange
567A-10/59926.5-40110401.12WR-28 Waveguide, UG-599/U Flange
567A-20/59926.5-40120401.12WR-28 Waveguide, UG-599/U Flange
567A-30/59926.5-40130401.12WR-28 Waveguide, UG-599/U Flange
567A-40/59926.5-40140401.12WR-28 Waveguide, UG-599/U Flange
567B-3/71933-5013401.12WR-22 Waveguide. UG-719/U Flange
567B-6/38333-5016401.12WR-22 Waveguide, UG-383/U Flange
567B-10/38333-50110401.12WR-22 Waveguide, UG-383/U Flange
567B-20/38333-50120401.12WR-22 Waveguide, UG-383/U Flange
567B-30/38333-50130401.12WR-22 Waveguide, UG-383/U Flange
567B-40/38333-50140401.12WR-22 Waveguide, UG-383/U Flange
567U-3/38340-6013401.15WR-19 Waveguide, UG-383/U Flange
567U-3/38340-6016401.15WR-19 Waveguide, UG-383/U Flange
567U-10/38340-60110401.15WR-19 Waveguide, UG-383/U Flange
567U-20/38340-60120401.15WR-19 Waveguide, UG-383/U Flange
567U-30/38340-60130401.15WR-19 Waveguide, UG-383/U Flange
567U-40/38340-60140401.15WR-19 Waveguide, UG-383/U Flange
567V-3/38550-7513401.15WR-15 Waveguide, UG-385/U Flange
567V-6/38550-7516401.15WR-15 Waveguide, UG-385/U Flange
567V-10/38550-75110401.15WR-15 Waveguide, UG-385/U Flange
567V-20/38550-75120401.15WR-15 Waveguide, UG-385/U Flange
567V-30/38550-75130401.15WR-15 Waveguide, UG-385/U Flange
567V-40/38550-75140401.15WR-15 Waveguide, UG-385/U Flange
567E-3/38760-901.53401.15WR-12 Waveguide, UG-387/U Flange
567E-6/38760-901.56401.15WR-12 Waveguide, UG-387/U Flange
567E-10/38760-901.510401.15WR-12 Waveguide, UG-387/U Flange
567E-20/38760-901.520401.15WR-12 Waveguide, UG-387/U Flange
567E-30/38760-901.530401.15WR-12 Waveguide, UG-387/U Flange
567E-40/38760-901.540401.15WR-12 Waveguide, UG-387/U Flange
567W-3/38775-1101.53401.17WR-10 Waveguide, UG-387/U Flange
567W-6/38775-1101.56401.17WR-10 Waveguide, UG-387/U Flange
567W-10/38775-1101.510401.17WR-10 Waveguide, UG-387/U Flange
567W-20/38775-1101.520401.17WR-10 Waveguide, UG-387/U Flange
567W-30/38775-1101.530401.17WR-10 Waveguide, UG-387/U Flange
567W-40/38775-1101.540401.17WR-10 Waveguide, UG-387/U Flange

Note: Our website contains just a few types of  Couplers we build. Consult with us for your specific needs.

K – Band
Ka – Band
Q – Band
U – Band
V – Band
E – Band
W – Band
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