Mi-Wave’s Vision

To be a world-leading manufacturer of millimeter wave components and sub-assemblies while serving defense, aerospace, meteorology, communication, automotive, artificial intelligence, and satellite industries.

The mmWave spectrum is a superhighway for the bandwidth-hungry applications of tomorrow and our products are tools to access these frequency ranges.


Millimeter Wave Products Inc. (Mi-Wave) is an award winning company and worldwide leader in microwave and millimeter wave products for commercial and military applications. Located in St Petersburg, Fl. MI-WAVE is a privately owned company that provides the microwave and millimeter wave industry with products, components and custom services. Mi-wave is recognized as a Top 10 Manufacturing Solutions Provider.

Mi-Wave Inc’s history incorporates the fundamental engineering and product lines of Alpha Industries Inc. / TRG Division, Northeast Microwave Systems and Millimeter Products Inc. / Center Technologies Div. along with new designs in both passive and active components and systems engineering.

As an OEM manufacturer, we can build, produce many millimeter wave solutions, parts and(or) assemblies needed. Contact our sales engineers today.

Mi-Wave has expanded into a larger facility. With over 25,000 square feet of manufacturing space, our facility includes our newly equipped labs, test rooms, and anechoic chamber. Our commitment to quality and customer service has lead us to experience growth within our industry and allow for the expansion of our manufacturing facilities.

We would like to thank all of our customers who trust us in providing them with quality millimeter wave products, components and sub-assemblies.


Be ever ready in helping customers meet their greatest mission challenges in communication, national security, and Defense sector modernization. We achieve this goal through intensive research, product development, and advanced and carefully controlled production. We take pride in our achievements and create value for our customers, employees and vendors.

Our History

Mi-wave’s history incorporates the fundamental engineering and product lines of Alpha Industries Inc./TRG Division, Northeast Microwave Systems and Millimeter Products Inc./ Center Technologies Div. along with new designs in both passive, active components, and systems engineering. It was founded in September 1989 in New Hampshire and became Mi-wave officially in 2002. More than 30 years ago Mi-wave received its first contract from Northeast Microwave Systems Inc., NH to build Ka band 32X32 Element Scanning Array which was featured in Microwave Journal on November 1991 issue.

Since then we have been innovating to support emerging technologies.

Global Reach

We are trusted by over 4000 companies and organizations around the world


34 Years Experience

Since 1989 we have provided products for millimeter wave industry solutions to thousands of companies globally.

Over 25,000sq ft

Our facility utilizes over 25,000 sq/ft of research, design and manufacturing space to help you get the products you need.

Advanced Production Facility

Our state of the art facility is filled with the latest in test equipment, anechoic chamber and specialized equipment.

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