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Millimeter Wave Products

Millimeter Wave Products Inc. is a global leader of millimeter wave products and microwave, technology, components and assemblies. From custom designed systems to volume order production in the 7GHz to 500GHz spectrum.

We produce all our products in our manufacturing facility and work with a wide variety of clients and industries globally providing millimeter wave and microwave products. From standard components to custom designed parts, pieces and sub-assemblies. Contact us today to see how we can help you.

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View our line of millimeter wave products, components, available.

From amplifiers, antennas, isolators and more.

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We offer custom needs when standard products don’t fit your needs.

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We are trusted by over 4000 companies and organizations around the world

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Trihedral Reflectors for Radar Applications

A corner reflector is a passive device used to reflect radio waves back toward the emission source directly. Therefore, corner reflector is a useful device for Radar system…Read more

Bi-Directional Digital Attenuator for 5G Radio Field Testing

Digitally controlled attenuators are the key components in communication, radar, instrumentation, and automatic test systems.

Phase Locked Oscillators

Mi-Wave’s 957 Series Phase Locked Oscillators uses fixed frequency low noise synthesizer technology…Read More

Waveguide Dimensions Chart

View a chart of waveguide sizes, bands, dimensions and more…

Harmonics, Distortion and Power Measurement

Harmonics are unwanted frequencies generated by system nonlinearities. They are multiples of the fundamental test frequency…

Power Measurement Errors

Power level is frequently the critical factor in the design, evaluation, purchase and ultimately, the performance of almost all RF products…