Block Type Cross Guide Directional Couplers

Low VSWR • Four-port Device • Broadband Operation


Mi-Wave’s 564 Series Cross Guide Coupler consists of two waveguides at right angles to each other, joined by small coupling slots whose size, location, and orientation determine the coupling and directivity of the unit. All ports are available for sampling or injecting energy and are clearly marked to indicate the coupling direction.


The 564 Series Cross Guide Directional Couplers provide an efficient means for sampling power or injecting a signal into a waveguide transmission line.

565 has 4th port terminated
Check with Miwave for dimension


• Full band Operation

• Compact Sizes

• Low VSWR

• Rugged Construction


• Measurement Systems

• Transmitter Applications / Dummy Loads

• Satellite

• Microwave Radio

• Source Leveling

• 5G & 6G