Faraday Isolators

Mi-Wave’s 115 series isolators use the Faraday principle of rotation in a broadband dielectric waveguide design to achieve high isolation across full waveguide bands. These faraday isolators are available in standard waveguide sizes from 18.0 to 325 GHz

See specific bands below with datasheets, outlines & plots available.

Faraday Isolators
Model NumberFrequency min. (GHz)Frequency max. (GHz)Isolation (dB)Insertion Loss (dB) typicalVSWR max.Power Handling CW (Watts max.)Input PortOutput PortLINK
115K/5951826.52511.30:12WR-42 Waveguide, UG-595/U FlangeWR-42 Waveguide, UG-595/U Flange
115(34)/59522332511.30:12WR-34 Waveguide, UG-595/U Square FlangeWR-34 Waveguide, UG-595/U Square Flange
115(34)/38122332511.30:12WR-34 Waveguide, UG-381/U Round FlangeWR-34 Waveguide, UG-381/U Round Flange
115A/59926.5402511.30:11.5WR-28 Waveguide, UG-599/U Square FlangeWR-28 Waveguide, UG-599/U Square Flange
115B/3833350251.31.30:11.5WR-22 Waveguide, UG-383/U Round FlangeWR-22 Waveguide, UG-383/U Round Flange
115U/3834060251.51.30:11.5WR-19 Waveguide, UG-383/U-M Round FlangeWR-19 Waveguide, UG-383/U-M Round Flange
115V/3855075251.71.30:11WR-15 Waveguide, UG-385/U Round FlangeWR-15 Waveguide, UG-385/U Round Flange
115V/1.85mmF5075251.71.30:11WR-15 Waveguide, UG-385/U Round Flange1.85mm Female Connector
115V/1mmF5075251.71.30:11WR-15 Waveguide, UG-385/U Round Flange1 mm Female Connector
115E/38760902521.35:11WR-12 Waveguide, UG-387/U Round FlangeWR-12 Waveguide, UG-387/U Round Flange
115W/38775110252.21.40:11WR-10 Waveguide, UG-387/U-M Round FlangeWR-10 Waveguide, UG-387/U-M Round Flange
115F/38790140222.71.50:10.4WR-08 Waveguide, UG-387/U-M Round FlangeWR-08 Waveguide, UG-387/U-M Round Flange
115D/387110170203.11.50:10.2WR-06 Waveguide, UG-387/U-M Round FlangeWR-06 Waveguide, UG-387/U-M Round Flange
115G/387140220203.51.50:10.2WR-05 Waveguide, UG-387/U-M Round FlangeWR-05 Waveguide, UG-387/U-M Round Flange
115H/3871702602051.50:10.1WR-04 Waveguide, UG-387/U-M Round FlangeWR-04 Waveguide, UG-387/U-M Round Flange
115J/3872203252051.50:10.1WR-03 Waveguide, UG-387/U-M Round FlangeWR-03 Waveguide, UG-387/U-M Round Flange
wr-42, faraday isolators
wr-34, faraday isolators
wr-28, faraday isolators
wr-22 faraday isolators
wr-19 faraday isolators
wr-15 faraday isolators
wr-12 faraday isolators
wr-10 faraday isolators
wr-8 faraday isolators
wr-6 faraday isolators
wr-5 faraday isolators
wr-4 faraday isolators
wr-3 faraday isolators
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Faraday Isolators

An isolator is a two-port device that transmits microwave or radio frequency power in one direction only. Due to internal behavior, the propagation in one direction is allowed while the other direction is blocked. The non-reciprocity observed in these devices usually comes from the interaction between the propagating wave and the material, which can be different with respect to the direction of propagation.  See more here

Noise Source with Isolator

Faraday Isolators with Noise Source

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