Standard Gain Horn

Available from 8.2 to 750 GHz

Mi-Wave standard gain horn antennas are often referred to as microwave horn antennas or simply gain horn antennas. They are broadband passive devices shaped like a pyramidal horn design to direct radio waves at a precise frequency to a destination. Standard gain horn antennas are also used as calibration devices that measure the gain of other antennas.  Our standard gain horn antenna product line come in various waveguide sizes.

Mi-Wave’s 261 Series standard gain horn antennas are created with the end consumer in mind. We know you need and demand the absolute best when it comes to horn antennas and we look to provide you with the best solutions possible. We can customize horn antennas for all your needs.

• Other gain values available upon request (ex: 10 dB, 15 dB, 20 dB, etc.)

Standard gain horn antennas can be ordered with a waveguide to coax adapter attached to it, or can be built with a custom configured connector. Our broadband waveguide horn antennas have frequency capabilities ranging from 5 GHz to 40 GHz depending on type and needs. Our RF and microwave gain horn antennas are RoHS and REACH compliant.

Mi-Wave offers the broadest selection as we are the factory source that builds gain horns for organizations globally.  Our expert sales engineers are always here to assist you.


We have been manufacturing standard gain horn antennas for decades and are one of the worlds leading OEM providers to many organizations, resellers, and labs globally. Standard gain horn antennas source your needs at a much better cost and you’ll work direct with our sales engineers to create solutions for your mmWave needs.

The gain increases with frequency, which is typical for aperture antennas. However, the curve shows saturation at higher frequencies.

This is due to the decrease of the aperture efficiency, which is a result of an increased phase difference in the field distribution at the aperture.

Hence with formula when we see 0.5 degree change but practically it is not at higher frequency. Aperture efficiency of pyramidal horn is 0.511.

The data for the standard gain horns is provided in far field.