Direct-Reading Phase Shifters

Mi-Wave’s 528 Series Direct-reading Phase Shifters provide highly accurate measurement of phase shift over each full waveguide band from 26.5 to 170.0 GHz. They feature low VSWR, low insertion-loss, and low insertion-loss variation due to the rotation of the phasing section.

The 528 Series Direct-reading Phase shifters offer a convenient, frequency insensitive method of measuring phase shift. These devices are useful in waveguide systems where the phase and amplitude must be measured or adjusted independently. Typical applications include bridge circuits, phased arrays, and interferometers.

Ka-Band, 26.5 – 40 GHz, Direct-Reading Phase Shifter

528A/599, Accuracy +- 3, Insertion Loss 1.0 dB

Q-Band, 33 – 50 GHz, Direct-Reading Phase Shifter

528B/383, Accuracy +- 3, Insertion Loss 1.2 dB

U-Band, 40 – 60 GHz, Direct-Reading Phase Shifter

528U/383, Accuracy ±3 Degrees, Insertion Loss 1.3dB

V-Band, 50 – 75 GHz, Direct-Reading Phase Shifter

528V/385, Accuracy ±4 Degrees, Insertion Loss 1.5dB

E-Band, 60 – 90 GHz, Direct-Reading Phase Shifter

528E/387, Accuracy ±5 Degrees, Insertion Loss 1.8dB

W-Band, 75 – 110 GHz, Direct-Reading Phase Shifter

528W/387, Accuracy ±5 Degrees, Insertion Loss 2.0dB

F-Band, 90 – 140 GHz, Direct-Reading Phase Shifter

528F/387, Accuracy ±5 Degrees, Insertion Loss 3.0dB

D-Band, 110 – 170 GHz, Direct-Reading Phase Shifter

528D/387, Accuracy ±5 Degrees, Insertion Loss 4.0dB

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