Mi-Wave 5G Power Amplifiers

Mi-Wave’s 955 Series microwave and millimeter wave 5G power amplifiers offer a wide variety of frequency ranges, bandwidths, gain and power outputs. Low cost production designs to meet the demanding needs of communications are also now available. We are producing various types of 5G amplifiers and more for the 5G industry.

Please consult Mi-Wave for technical specifications and outline drawings.

5G Power Amplifiers

We can manufacture to any custom size or specification, please consult Mi-Wave for further information. Millimeter Wave Products Inc. has begun manufacturing it’s latest line of amplifiers for the 5G industry. We can push to higher levels of power also.


27 GHz to 33 GHz, 10Watts, Small Signal Gain 40dB,


26 GHz to 28 GHz, Small Signal Gain 42 dB, Output Power Psat +43 dBm


28GHz ‐ 29GHz, Small Signal Gain 40dB, P1dB 32dBm, Psat 36dBm


29.3 GHz ± 0.3 GHz, Small Signal Gain 40 dB, Psat +41.5 dBm


32GHz – 36 GHz, Small Signal Gain 45 dB, Output Power (Psat) +42.5 dBm


26GHz – 40GHz, Small Signal Gain 30dB, Output P1dB +31dBm



0.1 to 60 GHz, Noise Figure 5 dB, P1dB +10 dBm typ


26.5GHz – 40GHz, Small Signal Gain (dB) 30 dBv and Output Power @ Psat (dBm) 18 dBm

5G Power Amplifiers & More

We have hundreds of configurations, specifications available. We also offer low noise, standard, broadband and really high power models. We have custom made amplifiers for companies globally. We can push power even higher on some amplifier products. Contact us for more formation, quoting and how we can help serve your needs.