Pin Diode Voltage Variable Attenuators

Mi-Wave’s 900 Series Pin Diode or MMIC Attenuator is a reflective attenuator that combines low loss, high isolation performance in a compact package. Attenuation options are available for the 900 Series attenuation with isolation versions up to 60 dB.


Frequency 26.5 GHz – 40 GHz
Power Handling 23 dBm
WR-28 Waveguide

Voltage Variable Attenuators


Frequency 33 GHz – 50 GHz
Power Handling 20 dBm
WR-22 Waveguide

WR-19 Voltage Variable Attenuators


Frequency 40 GHz – 60 GHz
Power Handling 20 dBm
WR-19 Waveguide

WR-15 Voltage Variable Attenuator


Frequency 50 GHz – 75 GHz
Power Handling 20 dBm
WR-15 Waveguide

WR-12 Voltage Variable Attenuators


Frequency 60 GHz – 90 GHz
Power Handling 20 dBm
WR-12 Waveguide

WR-10 Voltage Variable Attenuators


Frequency 75 GHz – 110 GHz
Power Handling 20 dBm
WR-10 Waveguide