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8.2 – 110 GHz, Prime Focus Antennas

Diameters from 3 to 48 inches


Mi-Wave’s 202 Series antenna consists of a parabolic reflector, a linearly-polarized primary feed, and a feed support assembly attached to the reflector’s rim to position the feed accurately. Tapped holes are provided on each antenna for mounting.

Note: Our website contains just a few types of  Antennas we build. Consult with us for your specific needs.

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Prime Focus Antennas

If you are looking for prime focus antennas, then you’ve come to the right place. At Millimeter wave products Inc. (Mi-Wave) we specialize in manufacturing the highest quality prime focus antennas for many needs. What makes our prime focus antennas the best choice?

The 202 Series antennas feature a precision aluminum reflector which provides excellent performance at millimeter wave frequencies between 18 to 140 GHz and diameters from 3 to 24 inches are available . This design is recommended for frequencies where low surface tolerances (typically 0 .001 inch RMS) are critical for electrical performance . The characteristics of the 202 Series makes them well-suited for applications where high performance is necessary.