12 .4 – 140 GHz, Prime Focus Antennas

Diameters from 18 to 72 inches


Mi-Wave’s 202,203 Series prime focus antennas consist of a parabolic reflector, a linearly-polarized primary feed, and a feed support assembly, that is attached to the rim of the reflector in order to position the feed accurately. Tapped holes are provided on each antenna for mounting. For applications that require larger diameters, the 203 Series prime focus antennas feature metalized fiberglass reflectors and cover a frequency range from 12 .4 to 140 GHz . They are available in diameters from 18 to 72 inches with low surface tolerances (typically 0 .0023 inch RMS.


• Low Cost

• High Directivity and Gain

• Simple Mechanical Design

• Moderate Sidelobe Performance

• Wide Range of Available Beamwidths and Reflector Sizes


• Radar & Telemetry Systems

• Point to Point Communication Systems

*All data presented is collected from a sample lot.
* Actual data may vary unit to unit, slightly.
*All testing was performed under +25 °C case temperature.
*Consult factory to confirm if material, plating, size, shape, orientation and any electrical parameter is critical for the application as website information is for reference only.
*Millimeter Wave Products, Inc. reserves the right to change the information presented on website without notice as we continue to enhance the performance and design of our products.

Note: Our website contains just a few types of  Antennas we build. Consult with us for your specific needs.

Waveguide BandModel No.Reflector diameter (inches)Frequency Range (GHz)Gain (dB)3 dB Beamwidth (degree) PolarizationVSWRAntenna PortReflector material
X-band202X-18/39 and 203X-18/39 188.2-12.4314.5Linear1.3:1WR-90 Waveguide with UG-39/U FlangeAluminum/Fibreglass
X-band202X-24/39 and 203X-24/39 248.2-12.4343.5Linear1.3:1WR-90 Waveguide with UG-39/U FlangeAluminum/Fibreglass
Ku Band202Ku-9/419912.4-18295.8Linear1.3:1WR-62 Waveguide with UG-419/U FlangeAluminum
Ku Band202Ku-12/419 and 203-12/4191212.4-18324.5Linear1.3:1WR-62 Waveguide with UG-419/U FlangeAluminum/Fibreglass
Ku Band202Ku-18/419 and 203-18/4191812.4-18353Linear1.3:1WR-62 Waveguide with UG-419/U FlangeAluminum/Fibreglass
Ku Band202Ku-24/419 and 203-24/4192412.4-1838.52Linear1.3:1WR-62 Waveguide with UG-419/U FlangeAluminum/Fibreglass
Ku Band203Ku-36/4193612.4-1842.51.5Linear1.3:1WR-62 Waveguide with UG-419/U FlangeFibreglass
Ku Band203Ku-48/4194812.4-18451Linear1.3:1WR-62 Waveguide with UG-419/U FlangeFibreglass
K Band202K-6/595618-26.528.56Linear1.3:1WR-42 Waveguide with UG-595/U FlangeAluminum
K Band202K-9/595918-26.5324Linear1.3:1WR-42 Waveguide with UG-595/U FlangeAluminum
K Band202K-12/595 and 203K-12/5951218-26.5353Linear1.3:1WR-42 Waveguide with UG-595/U FlangeAluminum/Fibreglass
K Band202K-18/595 and 203K-18/5951818-26.5382Linear1.3:1WR-42 Waveguide with UG-595/U FlangeAluminum/Fibreglass
K Band202K-24/595 and 203K-24/5952418-26.5411.5Linear1.3:1WR-42 Waveguide with UG-595/U FlangeAluminum/Fibreglass
K Band203K-36/5953618-26.5451Linear1.3:1WR-42 Waveguide with UG-595/U FlangeFibreglass
K Band203K-48/5954818-26.547.51Linear1.3:1WR-42 Waveguide with UG-595/U FlangeFibreglass
Ka-Band202A-6/599626.5-40324.2Linear1.3:1WR-28 Waveguide with UG-599/U FlangeAluminum
Ka-Band202A-9/599926.5-40353Linear1.3:1WR-28 Waveguide with UG-599/U FlangeAluminum
Ka-Band202A-12/599 and 203A-12/5991226.5-40382Linear1.3:1WR-28 Waveguide with UG-599/U FlangeAluminum/Fibreglass
Ka-Band202A-18/599 and 203A-18/5991826.5-40411.3Linear1.3:1WR-28 Waveguide with UG-599/U FlangeAluminum/Fibreglass
Ka-Band202A-24/599 and 203A-24/5992426.5-40441.5Linear1.3:1WR-28 Waveguide with UG-599/U FlangeAluminum/Fibreglass
Ka-Band203A-36/5993626.5-4047.51Linear1.3:1WR-28 Waveguide with UG-599/U FlangeFibreglass
Ka-Band203A-48/5994826.5-40500.8Linear1.3:1WR-28 Waveguide with UG-599/U FlangeFibreglass
B-band202B-3/383333-50286.5Linear1.3:1WR-22 Waveguide with UG-383/U FlangeAluminum
B-band202B-6/383633-50343.5Linear1.3:1WR-22 Waveguide with UG-383/U FlangeAluminum
B-band202B-9/383933-50382.5Linear1.3:1WR-22 Waveguide with UG-383/U FlangeAluminum
B-band202B-12/383 and 203B-12/3831233-5040.51.7Linear1.3:1WR-22 Waveguide with UG-383/U FlangeAluminum/Fibreglass
B-band202B-18/383 and 203B-18/3831833-50441.5Linear1.3:1WR-22 Waveguide with UG-383/U FlangeAluminum/Fibreglass
B-band202B-24/383 and 203B-24/3832433-50461Linear1.3:1WR-22 Waveguide with UG-383/U FlangeAluminum/Fibreglass
B-band203B-36/3833633-50500.7Linear1.3:1WR-22 Waveguide with UG-383/U FlangeFibreglass
B-band203B-48/3834833-50520.5Linear1.3:1WR-22 Waveguide with UG-383/U FlangeFibreglass
U-band202U-3/383340-60305.5Linear1.3:1WR-19 Waveguide with UG-383/U-M FlangeAluminum
U-band202U-6/383640-60362.8Linear1.3:1WR-19 Waveguide with UG-383/U-M FlangeAluminum
U-band202U-9/383940-6039.52Linear1.3:1WR-19 Waveguide with UG-383/U-M FlangeAluminum
U-band202U-12/383 and 203U-12/3831240-60421.5Linear1.3:1WR-19 Waveguide with UG-383/U-M FlangeAluminum/Fibreglass
U-band202U-18/383 and 203U-18/3831840-60451Linear1.3:1WR-19 Waveguide with UG-383/U-M FlangeAluminum/Fibreglass
U-band202U-24/383 and 203U-24/3832440-60480.7Linear1.3:1WR-19 Waveguide with UG-383/U-M FlangeAluminum/Fibreglass
U-band203U-36/3833640-6051.50.5Linear1.3:1WR-19 Waveguide with UG-383/U-M FlangeFibreglass
U-band203U-48/3834840-60540.5Linear1.3:1WR-19 Waveguide with UG-383/U-M FlangeFibreglass
V-band202V-3/385350-75324.5Linear1.3:1WR-15 Waveguide with UG-385/U FlangeAluminum
V-band202V-6/385650-75382.5Linear1.3:1WR-15 Waveguide with UG-385/U FlangeAluminum
V-band202V-9/385950-75411.5Linear1.3:1WR-15 Waveguide with UG-385/U FlangeAluminum
V-band202V-12/385 and 203V-12/3851250-75441.2Linear1.3:1WR-15 Waveguide with UG-385/U FlangeAluminum/Fibreglass
V-band202V-18/385 and 203V-18/3851850-75470.9Linear1.3:1WR-15 Waveguide with UG-385/U FlangeAluminum/Fibreglass
V-band202V-24/385 and 203V-24/3852450-75500.6Linear1.3:1WR-15 Waveguide with UG-385/U FlangeAluminum/Fibreglass
V-band203V-36/3853650-75530.4Linear1.3:1WR-15 Waveguide with UG-385/U FlangeFibreglass
V-band203V-48/3854850-75560.3Linear1.3:1WR-15 Waveguide with UG-385/U FlangeFibreglass
E-band202E-3/387360-90333.5Linear1.3:1WR-12 Waveguide with UG-387/U FlangeAluminum
E-band202E-6/387660-90391.8Linear1.3:1WR-12 Waveguide with UG-387/U FlangeAluminum
E-band202E-9/387960-90431.2Linear1.3:1WR-12 Waveguide with UG-387/U FlangeAluminum
E-band202E-12/387 and 203E-12/3871260-90451Linear1.3:1WR-12 Waveguide with UG-387/U FlangeAluminum/Fibreglass
E-band202E-18/387 and 203E-18/3871860-90490.6Linear1.3:1WR-12 Waveguide with UG-387/U FlangeAluminum/Fibreglass
E-band202E-24/387 and 203E-24/3872460-90510.5Linear1.3:1WR-12 Waveguide with UG-387/U FlangeAluminum/Fibreglass
E-band203E-36/3873660-90550.35Linear1.3:1WR-12 Waveguide with UG-387/U FlangeFibreglass
E-band203E-48/3874860-9057.50.3Linear1.3:1WR-12 Waveguide with UG-387/U FlangeFibreglass
W-band202W-3/387375-110352.9Linear1.3:1WR-10 Waveguide with UG-387/U-M FlangeAluminum
W-band202W-6/387675-110411.5Linear1.3:1WR-10 Waveguide with UG-387/U-M FlangeAluminum
W-band202W-9/387975-110451Linear1.3:1WR-10 Waveguide with UG-387/U-M FlangeAluminum
W-band202W-12/387 and 203W-12/3871275-110470.8Linear1.3:1WR-10 Waveguide with UG-387/U-M FlangeAluminum/Fibreglass
W-band202W-18/387 and 203W-18/3871875-110510.5Linear1.3:1WR-10 Waveguide with UG-387/U-M FlangeAluminum/Fibreglass
W-band202W-24/387 and 203W-24/3872475-110530.4Linear1.3:1WR-10 Waveguide with UG-387/U-M FlangeAluminum/Fibreglass
W-band203W-36/3873675-110570.25Linear1.3:1WR-10 Waveguide with UG-387/U-M FlangeFibreglass
W-band203W-48/3874875-110590.18Linear1.3:1WR-10 Waveguide with UG-387/U-M FlangeFibreglass

Note: Our website contains just a few types of  Antennas we build. Consult with us for your specific needs.

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Prime Focus Antennas

If you are looking for prime focus antennas, then you’ve come to the right place. At Millimeter wave products Inc. (Mi-Wave) we specialize in manufacturing the highest quality prime focus antennas for many needs. What makes our prime focus antennas the best choice?

The 202 Series antennas feature a precision aluminum reflector which provides excellent performance at millimeter wave frequencies between 18 to 140 GHz and diameters from 3 to 24 inches are available . This design is recommended for frequencies where low surface tolerances (typically 0 .001 inch RMS) are critical for electrical performance . The characteristics of the 202 Series makes them well-suited for applications where high performance is necessary.

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