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Mi-wave’s RF Upconverters and downconverters are a reliable means for the conversion frequency signals. Our units can be tailored with options—such as multichannel, individual gain control, remote access, high input power, multiple inputs/ outputs and packaged for airborne, commercial, military, and extreme environments.


  • Low Phase Noise
  • Excellent Frequency Stability
  • Superfine tuning steps
  • Multichannel option available
  • Gain Control option available
  • Low LO leakage
  • High Image rejection
  • Small Package


  • Point-to-Point radio Communication
  • Telemetry
  • Meteorology
  • Radar Communication
  • Satellite Communication
  • Astronomy
  • 5G
(Ka) – Band Up-Downconverter
(Ka) – Band Upconverter
(Ka) – Band Downconverter
2GHz – 18GHz Upconverter
(Q) – Band Upconverter
(Q) – Band Downconverter
(U) – Band Downconverter
(V) – Band Downconverter
(E) – Band Downconverter
(U&Q)-Band Up-Downconverter
(W) – Band Up-Downconverter

Our team has over 35+ years in the mmwave and microwave rf industry in design, prototyping, manufacturing and more to help bring your creations to life. Contact us today for any upconverter, downconverter, transcivers, LNBs, low noise block up-converter or sub assembly systems.

Build Your RF Upconverter or Downconverter Needs and more!

Millimeter Wave Products Inc has built and been part of many special project builds that have required Upconverter, Downconverter and various components within systems. Contact us to discuss your project needs. We can help every step of the way and manufacture your parts and RF assemblies.

RF Upconverters and Downconverters

Often the RF upconverter is used in combination with RF PA (Power Amplifier). This combination is known as BUC (Block Up-Converter). On the other hand, when downconverter is used in combination with RF low noise amplifier, then it is called an LNB or low noise block downconverter.

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How to Order & Custom Products

As the manufacturing source, we have top sales engineers ready to answer all your questions and quote you on product needs. You’ll find our prices are some of the best since we manufacture all our millimeter wave products in house.

Have a custom job or unique need? No problem! Contact us so we can work on solutions to meet your needs.

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