K-Band Isolator

18GHz – 26.5GHz, WR-42 Waveguide, 1.0 Insertion Loss, 25dB Isolation


Mi-Wave’s 115 series K-band isolator uses the Faraday principle of rotation in a broadband dielectric waveguide design to achieve high isolation across full waveguide bands. High-quality ferrite material is used in these isolators, and the magnetic field is produced by an integral permanent magnet. To ensure maximum reproducibility and performance, a combination of precise machining operations and refined assembly techniques are used.


• Low insertion loss

• Full waveguide band

• Excellent isolation across the band

• Faraday rotation principle of operation


• Test Labs

• Sub-Assemblies

• Automotive Industry

• MMwave Test Systems

k-band isolator
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K-Band Isolators

Our K-band Isolators are for the spectrum in the millimeter wave range of frequencies from 18 to 27 gigahertz (GHz).

Designed for full waveguide band operation, the 115 series isolator is used in swept frequency applications. These components provide a high degree of isolation between signal sources and mismatched loads by attenuating the reflected signals. The insertion loss in the forward direction is minimized to allow for the full available power from the signal source-isolator combination. Typical applications for these broadband isolators include laboratory setups as well as millimeter wave test sets and automotive radar

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