G-Band Block Type Directional Couplers


G-Band, WR-5, 140GHz – 220GHz, 6dB Coupling, 1.5dB Insertion Loss


G-Band, WR-5, 140GHz – 220GHz, 10dB Coupling, 1.5dB Insertion Loss


G-Band, WR-5, 140GHz – 220GHz, 20dB Coupling, 1.5dB Insertion Loss


G-Band, WR-5, 140GHz – 220GHz, 30dB Coupling, 1.5dB Insertion Loss

G-Band Block Type Directional Couplers

Mi-Wave’s 561 Series Broadband Directional Couplers are broadwall mulit-hole energy-coupling devices. The 561 Series devices are available in various waveguide sizes ranging in frequency from 18.0 to 500 GHz.Nominal couplings of 3, 6, 10, 20, 30, 40and 50 dB are offered to complement specific test set requirements.

The 561 Series Directional Couplers provide an efficient and convenient means for sampling a finite quantity of power flowing in a transmission line or for injecting a desired signal into the line