26.5 – 40 GHz, Dial-Type Variable Waveguide Attenuator

520A/599 Uncalibrated, WR-28, Power Handling 5 Watts


Mi-Wave’s 520 Series Uncalibrated Variable Attenuators and 522 Calibrated Attenuators are available in standard waveguide sizes from 8 to 220 GHz. The attenuating element in each unit provides a variable attenuation, from 0 dB to 25 dB minimum. Precision-designed internal controls are accurately contoured to provide a low bilateral VSWR and minimum variation of attenuation with frequency.


• Dial Driven

• Low Cost

• Compact, Mechanically Stable Design

• Wide Range of Attenuation Values

• Smooth, Spring-loaded Setting Control


• Instrumentation

• Manual Test Setups

Calibrated & Uncalibrated Waveguide Attenuators

The 520/522 Series Variable Attenuators are useful in applications that require a reliable level setting or isolating pad. They provide maximum accuracy in establishing initial power levels in substitution-method attenuation measurements. Designed to maintain reliable performance for accurate test measurements, the stable setting control of these devices maintains constant attenuation under all normal conditions of vibration and orientation.

Other Bands Available

• WR-90

• WR-75

• WR-62

• WR-34