40 – 60 GHz, Micrometer Dial-Type Variable Waveguide Attenuators

523U/383, WR-19, Attenuation Range 0 to 30 dB, VSWR 1.15:1


Mi-Wave’s 523 Series Micrometer-driven Calibrated Attenuators are compact precision attenuating devices available in standard waveguide sizes from 18.0 to 220 GHz.Each attenuator is calibrated at the frequency specified at the time of order.


• High Resolution

• Low Cost

• Micrometer Readout

• Differential Screw Drive

• Anti-backlash Operation

• Excellent Mechanical Stability

• Calibration Curve Provided at Specified Frequency


• Instrumentation

• Manual Test Setups

*All data presented is collected from a sample lot.
* Actual data may vary unit to unit, slightly.
*All testing was performed under +25 °C case temperature.
*Consult factory to confirm if material, plating, size, shape, orientation and any electrical parameter is critical for the application as website information is for reference only.
*Millimeter Wave Products, Inc. reserves the right to change the information presented on website without notice as we continue to enhance the performance and design of our products.

Variable Waveguide Attenuators – Micrometer Driven

The 523 Series Micrometer-driven Calibrated Attenuators are designed for laboratory applications in standard waveguide bands from 18.0 to 220.0 GHz. The drive mechanism is designed for the high resolution of vane insertion vs. attenuation characteristics that is required for the small waveguide dimensions associated with the higher millimeter wave frequencies. These attenuators are very useful for insertion loss measurements, and a wide variety of other attenuation and power level determinations