Pin Diode MMIC Switches Broad Band

Mi-Wave offers Pin Diode MMIC Switches such as SPSTSPDTSP3TSP4TSP6TSP8TSP12T, or others in the 100MHz to 110GHz range.  These reflective switches combine low loss, high isolation performance with  TTL driver in a compact package. Various driver options are available in higher isolation versions up to 60 dB. These switches can also be supplied without drivers.


DC – 40 GHz, High-Speed Switch

914-0/40/KF/TTL, Isolation 30dB, Insertion Loss 4dB, Switch Speed 10ns

18 – 50 GHz, High-Speed Switch

912-20/55/VF, Isolation 50dB, Insertion Loss 6dB, Switch Speed 100ns