Ku-Band | Rectangular – to – Rectangular Waveguide Adapters

Mi-Wave’s 692 Series Rectangular Waveguide Adapters come with standard flanges for two different waveguide sizes. In each transition, the fabrication process allows precise control of taper dimensions to provide a good impedance match. As a result, high mode purity is maintained in the transfer process with minimum VSWR effects and energy loss.

Ku-K-Band, WR-62 to WR-42, Rectangular to Rectangular Adapter,

692Ku-K/419/595 , 12.4GHz – 18GHz WR-62, UG-491/U Flange

X-Ku-Band, WR-75, Rectangular to Rectangular Waveguide Adapter

692X-Ku/39/419, VSWR 1.10:1