Features of  Mi-Wave End Launch Waveguide to Coaxial Adapter

Mi-Wave’s 411 End Launch Waveguide to Coaxial Adapter allow an efficient method of adapting from rectangular waveguide to a in-line coaxial connector. Full waveguide bands available from 12.4 to 110 GHz. Our new design and manufacturing process allows for Low insertion losses and VSWR’s for these adapters.

Low cost production versions are available for equipment used and OEM’s. Laboratory grades are also offered on some models.

• Low Cost Versions Available

• Frequency Ranges 12.4 to 110GHz

• 1mm Connector

• Full Band Units

• Compact Size

• High Performance Lab Versions

End Launch Waveguide to Coaxial Adapter
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End Launch Waveguide to Coaxial Adapter

If you are looking for a quality built end launch waveguide to coaxial adapter, then use  Millimeter wave products Inc. We we specialize in manufacturing the highest quality waveguide to coax adapters for this industry.

We have 1mm Connectors for WR-15, WR-12, and WR-10.

How to Order

Order your end launch to waveguide coax adapter by providing us with.


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Technical Specifictions for end launch waveguide to coax adapter


Model Number411KU411KU411(WR-34)411A411B411U411V411E411W
Frequency Band (GHz)12.4–18.018.0–26.522.0–33.026.5–40.033.0–50.040.0–60.050.0–75.060.0–90.095–110.0
Standard ConnectorsN, SMA2.92–2.42.92–2.42.92, 2.42.92, 2.42.92, 2.41.85,
Available2.92,,, 1.01.85,
Insertion (Loss) (dB) (typ).
VSWR (typical)1.5:11.5:11.5:11.5:11.5:11.5:11.5:1<1.5:1<1.5:1
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How to Order & Custom Products

As the manufacturing source, we have top sales engineers ready to answer all your questions and quote you on product needs. You’ll find our prices are some of the best since we manufacture all our millimeter wave products in house.

Have a custom job or unique need? No problem! Contact us so we can work on solutions to meet your needs.

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