Addressing high power needs has become critical in the millimeter wave industry as new systems evolve and demand more from manufacturers. One of those known issues has been the high power handling needs of products like attenuators in the millimeter wave industry. With 5G growth, collision avoidance radar, 60GHz WiGig and more happening around the world, providers are realizing they need to address their component needs in their mmwave testing and application systems.

Attenuators have been a common product in that line of needs whose power handling requirements are increasing. With the arrival of new Amplifier MIMICS for example, they have begun pushing the power handling needs above the limits of technical specifications.

One example was Mi-Waves Ka Band 511 Attenuator that had a previous technical specification of .5 Watts max power. We noticed as customers globally increased their power handling requirements and pushed beyond these power specification. In some instances damage/burning of internal components occur. Our goal was to address this need for all bands and various applications.

With months of research, testing and custom manufacturing techniques, we are proud to announce that we have solved a crucial issue in high power needs!

Using that same Ka Band Attenuator as an example whose max power specification was 0.5 Watts. The new power handling maximum has increased to an amazing 14 Watts on that product alone!!

We have been successful increasing power handling needs across the board on all bands and have even begun upgrading various attenuators in our product line. Some examples:

-V Band now 7 Watts

-E Band now 3-5 Watts

Millimeter Wave Products Inc.’s high power attenuators are designed to meet the needs of high power attenuation applications in the millimeter wave ranges.

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