50GHz – 66GHz Low Noise Amplifier

955U-50-66-22-15-383, Small Signal Gain 22dB, Output Saturated Power +15dBm


Mi-Wave’s 955 series microwave and millimeter wave low noise amplifiers offer a wide variety of frequency ranges, bandwidths, gain and power outputs to meet future design needs in wide range applications . Please consult Mi-Wave for technical specifications and outline drawings.


• Low Noise

• High Gain

• Broadband

• Unconditionally Stable

• Regulated Supply & Bias Sequencing


• 5G & 6G

• Test & Measurement

• Mobile & Satellite Communications

• Radar Systems

• Weather & Earth Observation

*All data presented is collected from a sample lot.
* Actual data may vary unit to unit, slightly.
*All testing was performed under +25 °C case temperature.
*Consult factory to confirm if material, plating, size, shape, orientation and any electrical parameter is critical for the application as website information is for reference only.
*Millimeter Wave Products, Inc. reserves the right to change the information presented on website without notice as we continue to enhance the performance and design of our products.

Low Noise Amplifiers

Low noise amplifiers are used to amplify a high frequency signal while maintaining a good signal to noise ratio. These amplifiers are used at the beginning of the receiver chain to amplify a signal with minimal degradation.

Note: Our website contains just a few of the type of RF amplifiers we build. Consult with us for your specific needs.