705 Pressurizing Units

Available in 12.4 to 220 GHz


Each of Mi-Wave’s 705 Series Pressurizing Units consists of a short length of flanged, rectangular waveguide fitted with a Schrader valve and optional pressure gauge. These units are available in all standard wave-guide sizes from 12.4 to 220 GHz. In A-band, the choke-to-cover flange combination makes allowances for the insertion of a standard O-ring gasket to ensure maintenance of pressurization over operation. Provision is made for gaskets in the case of the round flanges used for millimeter wave frequencies.

The 705 Series Pressurizing Units are designed for applications such as high power radar systems that require a pressurized transmission line to prevent arching during peak power operation. The pressurizing units can also be used to purge systems with dry gases in order to prevent condensation. These devices provide a simple means for introducing the desired pressurizing gas into the system and for continuous monitoring of internal pressure level.