5- – 75 GHz, Direct Reading Precision Attenuator

510V/385, WR-15,  Attenuation Range to 60 dB


Mi-Wave’s 510 Series Direct-reading Precision Attenuators provide 0 to 60 dB of calibrated attenuation by rotation of a resistive vane mounted in a circular waveguide section. These units are often referred to as precision rotary vane attenuators.


• Low VSWR

• Direct Reading

• Low Insertion Loss

• Anti-backlash Drive

• Negligible Phase Shift

• Precision Construction

• Frequency Independent

• Full Band Operation

• High Attenuation Accuracy


• Instrumentation

• Manual Test Setups

*All data presented is collected from a sample lot.
* Actual data may vary unit to unit, slightly.
*All testing was performed under +25 °C case temperature.
*Consult factory to confirm if material, plating, size, shape, orientation and any electrical parameter is critical for the application as website information is for reference only.
*Millimeter Wave Products, Inc. reserves the right to change the information presented on website without notice as we continue to enhance the performance and design of our products.

Direct Reading Precision Attenuators

The 510 Series Direct-reading Precision attenuators are used in all RF measurement systems. They are most frequently used in RF substitution-type set-ups for precise measurement of characteristics such as isolation, coupling, insertion loss, and gain.

We have a new digital version (515 Series) with improved specs and capabilities. Please click here to view

Other Bands Available

• WR-137

• WR-112

• WR-90

• WR-75

• WR-62

• WR-51

• WR-34