U-Band, 40 – 60 GHz, 2-Way Power Divider | Combiner | Magic Hybrid Tee

635U/383, Isolation (E-H) 30dB, Insertion Loss 1.0dB


Mi-Wave’s 635 Series E/H Hybrid and Magic Tees consist of three mutually perpendicular flanged sections of a standard waveguide. Two of these sections are symmetrically located on the broad and narrow walls of the main tee section to provide E-plane and H-plane connections.

The internal geometry of these hybrids provides a power-dividing and phase inverting characteristic. Power applied to the shunt H-plane arm is divided between
the two in-line ports of the main tee section to result in equal power, in-phase output
signals. Power applied to the series E-plane arm is also divided between these
two ports, but with a phase reversal which provides equal power, opposite-phase
outputs. With symmetrical construction, good isolation is maintained between
the E-plane and H-plane arms. The 635 Series Hybrid Tees are available in
standard wave-guide sizes from 8.2 to 325 GHz

Note: Magic Tees can be used as a 2-way power divider by terminating the E-Plane port using the 580 Series Low Power Terminations


• Full Band

• Low Insertion Loss

• Low VSWR

• High Reliability

• Inline Configuration


• 5G Systems

• Test Set

• Radar & Astronomy Systems

• Test Equipment & Labs

• Sub-Assemblies

Power Dividers Magic Hybrid Tees
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2-Way Power Divider | Combiner | Magic Hybrid Tees

The 635 Series Hybrid Tees are four-port transmission line components designed for basic power-splitting and mixing applications. These devices are useful as integral parts of RF bridge circuits for routine impedance comparisons and reflection coefficient measurements or as power dividers and isolators in radar balanced mixer circuits.