Graphene… The next jump in micro-electronics?

Graphene is extremely thin. The one-atom thick carbon based material could revolutionize the way electronic devices are manufactured and used-promises to make Internet [...]

Panasonic develops high precision, wide field of view millimeter-wave radar technology for automotive applications

Millimeter-wave radar is capable of detecting pedestrians and other vehicles in night time and under poor weather conditions. Panasonic Corporation has developed high precision, wide [...]

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Imagine a Fleet of these running towards you?…New WildCat Quadruped Robot

Boston Dynamics has just updated its YouTube channel with some new videos. One of them is an update on Atlas. Another is an update [...]

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World-Record millimeter-wave output power from nanoscale CMOS

Harish Krishnaswamy, assistant professor of electrical engineering at Columbia Engineering, has generated a record amount of power output—by a power of five—using silicon-based [...]

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IBM Builds MM-Wave Transceiver To Improve Mobile Communications, Radar Imaging

New technology from scientists at IBM could help alleviate data bottleneck issues for mobile communications and enable advanced radar-imaging technology to be reduced [...]

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Millimeter Waves May Be the Future of 5G Phones

Samsung’s millimeter-wave transceiver technology could enable ultrafast mobile broadband by 2020 By Ariel Bleicher/ IEEE Clothes, cars, trains, tractors, body sensors, and tracking [...]

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Millimeter Wave Beams Power Rockets Into Orbit

Millimeter Wave Beams Power Next Generation Rockets into Orbit and Beyond -by Brian Galvan There are few pioneers working towards commercial space flights [...]

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Millimeter Wave Wave Industry Set For Growth Spike

Millimeter Wave Growth Will Continue Well Into The Decade More growth in millimeter wave usage in cell back haul links is in direct [...]

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New Millimeter Wave Website!!

Millimeter Wave Website Launched The new has officially launched. It will have news, sales and ground breaking product releases in the millimeter [...]

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