Millimeter Wave Website Launched

The new has officially launched. It will have news, sales and ground breaking product releases in the millimeter wave industry. Our online catalog will keep growing as we keep adding to our millimeter wave, waveguide and microwave products and services capabilities.

Millimeter Wave Products Inc. is a global leader of millimeter wave products and microwave, technology, components and assemblies.From custom designed systems to volume order production. Feel free to contact us to discuss your millimeter wave and microwave technology needs.

We have just moved into a new state of the art facility in Largo, Florida. In this new 11,000sq ft facility we have an advanced machining shop, antenna test range, lab center and more. We look forward not just to meeting clients expectations but also at innovating new groundbreaking millimeter wave technology solutions.

If you have any questions or need sales quoting feel free to contact us.

We are also on all the major social media platforms and look to keep you updated with industry  news, events, products and more!

Connect with us on Google+ +Millimeter Wave