New MM Wave Amplifier

Millimeter Wave Products introduces a new compact high performance mm wave amplifier that covers the entire 40 to 60 Ghz (WR-19) frequency range. This mm wave amplifier is ideal for test instrumentation uses and wide band receiver applications. Other mm wave amplifier gains and power outputs are also available. Millimeter Wave Products also has a wide range of other mm wave amplifiers and active frequency multipliers to cover frequency bands from 10 GHz to 125 GHz.

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We continue to develop new products for the mm wave (millimeter wave) industry and look forward to introducing new products as we grow. Our mm wave components and assemblies are created from the highest grade materials and production processes. If you need quality mm wave components and assemblies feel free to contact us. We’d love to work with you and your company, university or government agency in developing ground breaking products for the mm wave industry.

The millimeter wave industry is rapidly advancing and aligning your company with quality vendors like us can give you a great advantage. Our company is globally positioned and we are growing everyday. If you are a vendor in the mm wave industry please contact us. We look forward to establishing new markets. Some areas of interest are in the southeast Asia and India markets as well as Latin America.

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