Prime Focus Parabolic Antennas

This guide contains information on a representative group of millimeter wave antennas and feeds that are currently available from Millimeter Wave. The design capability that indicated may also be used to solve other unique requirements in the antenna field. Inquiries outlining special require s for millimeter antennas, antenna feeds and complete antenna systems are cordially invited

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How To Specify Antennas: Prime Focus Parabolic Antennas

Parabolic antennas with prime focus feeds are used tor general applications. These antennas are available in a range of reflector diameters from 3 to 48 inches for a wide selection of gain and beamwidth characteristics over the 12.4-to 220 GHz frequency range.

Six, eight and ten foot diameter antennas are also available and will be quoted on request.

Each antenna is composed of a parabolic reflector, a linearly polarized primary feed and a feed support assembly. The feed support, consisting of four low-profile aluminum spars, is attached to the rim of the reflector to position the feed accurately. This low profile balanced spar support has a negligible ef­fect on the radiated beam. Tapped holes are provid­ed on each antenna for mounting.

The  202 and 203 Series antennas incorporate a preci­sion machined aluminum casting as a main reflector. This Provides excellent performance in the millimeter frequency range of 26.5-to 220 GHz. This type of reflector is, therefore, recommended at frequencies Where low surface tolerance (typically 0.001 -inch RMS) is needed for high performance.

Standard parabolic antennas with machined aluminum reflectors (Series 202) are supplied in the following standard sizes: 3-, 6-, 12-, 18-and 24-inches. The frequency band range vs. antenna diameter available is as follows:

Band LetterSeriesDiameter (In)

Note: Effective diameter is the actual electrically utilized portion of the main reflector and is not the mechanical outside diameter of the antenna.

The 203 Series antennas utilize metallized plastic reflectors developed with aerospace technology and offer high performance in a light weight antenna structure. They are available in diameters from 18 to 120 inches and cover a wide frequency range because of low surface tolerance (typically 0.0025-inch RMS).

Standard parabolic antennas with metallized plastic reflectors (Series 203) are supplied in the following standard sizes: 18-, 24-, 36-, 48 inches. The frequency band range vs. antenna diameter available is as follows:

Band LetterSeriesDiameter (In)

The center frequency should be specified when ordering these antennas. Bandwidths are nominally ± 5%. Principal plane radiation patterns are supplied with each antenna at the specified design frequency up to 100 GHz.

Beamwidth and Gain Selection Chart