What is a Millimeter Wave?

The term millimeter wave is meant to represent any wave along the electromagnetic spectrum that falls between 1 millimeter and 10 millimeters. This wavelength is slightly larger than those used for x-rays.

One use for the millimeter wave is in the transmission of a great deal of data. Millimeter waves are used in radio broadcasting, cell phone transmissions, and satellites. There is a huge difference in the amount of data sent during a phone call versus a television program. This is what makes the millimeter wave so important.

Millimeter Wave Antenna Solution

The millimeter wave is also a critical component used in radar. Because the beamwidth of the millimeter wave remains narrow even over a distance, it allows even small objects to be seen at a great distance using radar. Unfortunately, the more narrow the beam is, the larger the antenna that receives it must be. This millimeter wave antenna problem was solved by upping the frequency of the waves. When the frequency is increased, the beamwidth is subsequently smaller for a longer distance, and the millimeter wave antenna can shrink in size as well.