Understanding Microwave Antennas

Microwave antennas were first put into use during World War II. This was new technology at the time and allowed great numbers of long-distance phone calls to be made all around the country.

More recently, microwave millimeter wave solutions have been used to help perfect cell phone communications. Cell phone calls transmit a signal to the nearest microwave antenna, and if you are driving, the signal keeps jumping from antenna to antenna. In this way, more people are able to use cell phones in the same area because there are so many different frequencies to be used.

The Microwave Millimeter Wave Solution

The most far reaching use of microwave antennas has to do with satellite communications. Because microwaves travel in straight lines they are able to penetrate our atmosphere and reach satellites in outer space without trouble. This microwave millimeter wave solution had allowed the huge growth of the GPS, or global positioning system. The GPS was originally developed for the military, but is now widely available for civilian use, such as in automobiles.